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The AirTool Design

What makes AirTool the revolutionary snorkel?

Moldable Ergonomic Fit

Each AirTool can be personalized to each individual’s unique face. The lower Grey/Silver portion is made bendable by encasing metal in a polyurethane material for a personalized fit [..]

Hydrodynamic Design

The AirTool’s unique “dual-tube” design and moldable fit means the faster the swimmer goes through the water, the better the AirTool fits. This hydrodynamic efficiency means that [..]

Splashguards & Purging Mechanism

Hydrodynamically designed covers on the upper openings virtually eliminate all water from entering the snorkel. Patented ‘Purge at Will’ Mechanism and Drainage Chambers located inside [..]

Hypoxic Training Pins

For swimmers looking to maximize their aerobic fitness the AirTool has “Hypoxic Pins” which allow the user to regulate the air flowing through the chamber [..]

About the AirTool

The revolutionary AirTool snorkel has been perfected with over ten years of design and testing. The result is a US, EU, and Australian patented device that makes swimming easier and more enjoyable. Whether you are a Competitive Swimmer, Beginner Swimmer, Swim for Fitness, or Snorkeler/Diver- the AirTool is an indispensable swimming device. Unleash Swimming with the AirTool!
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You can read more about our team here
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John M. Monnich

John M. Monnich is a native Northern Californian with over 25 years of competitive swimming experience. He holds sprint freestyle records throughout California [..]
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Greg Lawrance

Serial entrepreneur Greg Lawrance has over 15 years experience in senior-level brand and strategic planning, marketing, and business development [..]
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Victor Wales

Head Men’s and Women’s Swim Coach University of Hawaii

Victor Wales is in his second year at the helm of the University of Hawai’i and was recently awarded WAC Swimming Coach of the Year [..]

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