AirTool Fitness in ActionSwimming is the greatest Non-Impact Aerobic exercise in existence! It uses all major muscles in both the upper body, torso, and legs together and is one of the fastest ways to improve general strength, stamina and cardiovascular fitness. The provided weightlessness of water greatly reduces stress on joints, virtually eliminating the potential of back, knee and other muscular injuries that are common in high impact activities such as running.

The AirTool allows more people to access this wonderful activity by making swimming easier and safer. Get in a pool with an AirTool!

Benefits include:

  • Access to the best all over body workout
  • Elimination of the Fear of not getting enough air!
  • Greater Air Volume than any other snorkel!
  • Immediate Stroke Improvement
  • Reduced risk of neck, torso and spinal column injuries
  • Bacteria and Virus Prevention